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About Us

Name The Association for Conservation of National Treasures,
a General Incorporated Association
Foundation 1 March 1959
Incorporation 1 April 2005
Corporate Members 12
Registered restorers 130
Investments 16 million Yen

(As of April 2015)

Mission and Business Overview

The mission of the Association for Conservation of National Treasures (ACNT) is to improve and popularize the repair and restoration techniques and to contribute to the development of these techniques in Japan, by improving repair and restoration techniques for the National Treasure and Cultural Properties, exchanging associated knowledge, and by promoting collaboration and cooperation among the members, domestic and foreign workshops.

  1. Granting the Restorer Certificate to the restorers working for the corporate member;
  2. Hosting research presentations, technical workshops, lectures, and workshop visits;
  3. Exchanging and cooperating with domestic and foreign organizations related to the National Treasures and Cultural Properties;
  4. Encouraging development, improvement, and research of repair and restoration techniques and repairing materials;
  5. Cooperating in trainings restorers with the Cultural Properties Selected Conservation Techniques related to repair materials;
  6. Co-procuring repairing materials and preparing shared equipment;
  7. Training heirs of repair and restoration techniques;
  8. Subcontracting restoration business, dispatching restorers, and selling restoration-related materials; and
  9. Other businesses necessary to achieve the objectives.

About Logo

For the entire tone and atmosphere, we used the motif of "Rising Sun," which is the symbol in the Japanese national flag, to sublime the image of "National Treasures". The dusky-red color is used to emphasize the "tradition," and the overlapping tweezers express "precise work" and "modernity." The letters "The Association for Conservation of National Treasures" and the abbreviation "ACNT" are placed beside it so that even the foreigners can easily recognize it.